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North Texas Is Hot!!!

–Major Breakthrough In North Texas Real Estate Market–


“Why Are Investors Losing Money In The Hottest Real Estate Market In Recent History?”


Texas Real Estate
Sell Now! Before It’s too Late.

As you know, the real estate market has finally come back, and some people say it’s the best we’ve ever seen.

The problem is, most people are betting housing prices will continue to rise, so they keep buying at the top, which is only good if you’re a seller. Guess what? Smart investors are selling now; taking money off the table, before the crowds grow too large to cash in. Why? Because good-times don’t last forever.

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But, before I get started with the bad news, to lighten things up, here’s a joke I think you’ll appreciate… A Texan, who was also a real estate investor was visiting California, there he met another real estate investor, and asked him how many houses he had. “Oh, I’ve got a bunch of houses,” said the Californian. “More than 50.” The prideful Texan puffed up and said, “You know, mister, I get into my car in the morning, I drive all day, and I still can’t get to all of my houses.”

The Californian laughed and said, “I know what you mean, I’ve got a car just like that.”

I use to be that Texan, I know you shouldn’t be prideful about your properties, but sometimes we are, especially, after we’ve poured our money, blood, sweat, and tears into our houses.

Bottom line, we’re real estate investors, and, we’re in this business to make money. And now is a great time to take some cash off the table”. Why…

I don’t claim to know when the market will turn, but I do know, it will turn again. Real estate prices are so high, you’re losing money by not selling, BEFORE, the bad news starts– like rising interest rates, home builders who have overbuilt, and rising unemployment rates.  

My company ABL, Properties, LLC which stands for “A Better Life” company was founded on the principle that everybody deserves “A Better Life”. “We Help Real Estate Investors Make Money”;

Warren Buffet, notably the world’s greatest living investor said to a friend, “I will tell you how to become rich. First, Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” In other words, “Sell high and buy low”. A simple and basic rule! Now is the time to sell!

There are some rules you don’t break in the real estate business, and “selling high and buying low” is one of them. We’ve broken every real estate record on the books, now it’s time to rasie cash,—and I want to help you take advantage of this incredible market—and the best part is…

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