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Sell Your House Fast Before The Foreclosure Date


It’s not always your fault, maybe you lost a job, or in the worst case a spouse passes away leaving the family in financial hardship. There are many reasons people end up facing a foreclosure. The Friendlyhousebuyer’s team has helped  families facing foreclosure work through it with positive results. No one has the right to sit in judgment of another person’s misfortune.

When You’re Facing Foreclosure-Time Moves Fast.

It’s like being up to bat with two strikes against you, and it’s the bottom of the ninth ending, and sure enough, what does the bank do, they throw you a curve ball. Just when you think you may have figured out a way to save your home, the bank stops talking to you.

The process doesn’t always work out for the people who need it most, and that’s an unfortunate truth.

But if you don’t pay your mortgage, as challenging as it might be, you will lose your home in a foreclosure.

 Which means your kids may have to change schools, your poor credit will make it harder to find a decent place to relocate, and you still have to deal with collection agency’s who won’t stop calling, and frankly, who act as if you borrowed money from the guy who’s been leaving you threating messages.

Here’s An Inside Look At What You’re Facing? (my editorial)

Remember the financial crisis? The guys on Wall Street who ruined the lives of millions of “regular” people on main street. After housing prices crashed to less than half their values, hedge funds stepped in and started buying single-family homes all across the country. Now they are the biggest owners of single-family houses in the country. What does this mean for you if you lose your home in a foreclosure?

It means you will have a difficult time finding housing because inventories are low, it means you will pay more to rent, and it means you will be just another number to an organization who’s primary purpose is to keep you renting until they decide to sell you their rental properties at outrageous prices down the road.

Why is this important?

I don’t know your situation. However, I do want you to have information that could be helpful to you as you make your decisions moving forward. What do the hedge funds have that most people don’t have? They have access to tons of cash when they need it.

They also have rich friends on Wall Street where they work and live to bail them out if they make a financial mistake.

FriendlyHouseBuyer’s mission to help the people who live on “main street” and who need access to cash when they want to sell their homes. We can even help you start over when you’re ready to buy again.

The Good News! There’s A Pre-Foreclosure Process That Has To Be Followed By Your Lender

Thankfully, banks are required to give you a grace period. Known as the “pre-foreclosure period,” this time extends from your first notice of default to the final day of the sale of your property on the court house steps. During this period, your lender will usually make several attempts to communicate with you to give you an opportunity to explain why you have missed payments. Depending on the circumstances, the bank might let you explore a loan modification program to help you get caught up on your mortgage payments.

The Pre-Foreclosure Period

In Texas, the pre-foreclosure period is one of the shortest in the country and is usually completed in three months.

The pre-foreclosure period gives you a chance to sell your home before the foreclosure date, or find another solution to stop the foreclosure process. We have seen many people file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy during the pre-foreclosure period until they can figure things out.

Selling Your Home As-Is Before Your Foreclosure Date

If you’re struggling to make your mortgage payments, then you probably haven’t been keeping up with the deferred maintenance on your property. Moreover, who can blame you, maintaining a roof over your head is more important than repairing a broken window. However, a house that needs deferred maintenance will have to be sold at a discount to market value, assuming you can get a price that pays off your mortgage balance, you may still walk away with a little extra cash.

Considerations If You Are Working With The Bank

It is very common for people to feel “stuck” after getting a notice of default from the bank. Many homeowners assume foreclosure is a foregone conclusion and that the bank will take their property. In reality, the bank just wants to be repaid their loan balance or have you cure the delinquent payments. If you can figure out an alternative to satisfy your financial obligation, all ends well.

 If you have a traditional, government-backed mortgage (typically any 30-year fixed rate mortgage), you might have to meet special conditions before completing a pre-foreclosure sale with a realtor.

Some of these requirements include:

  • Your home must be owner-occupied, not an investment property and not a home you have already abandon.
  • You must perform all regular property maintenance/repairs until the sale is completed.
  • You must sell the home using a real estate broker.
  • The sale must be closed within 4 to 6 months from the date of approval to participate in the bank’s pre-foreclosure program.

Ways To Sell Your House Before Foreclosure

There are several ways to sell your house before your foreclosure date. The fastest way to sell your house before foreclosure is to price it at a discount to market value (but still enough to pay off the mortgage) to attract cash house buyer’s quickly.

Another option is to sell via short sale, a situation that occurs when you owe more on the mortgage than the home is worth. The word “underwater” during the recession referred to homes that had mortgage balances higher than their appraised values. It’s more appropriate to say the banks were “underwater,” and consumers were “drowning in debt.” Even so, your lender will have to agree to the short sale price, and the price will depend on how much your bank is willing to take in losses.

Benefits To Selling Your Home Before Foreclosure

There are some advantages to selling your home while in pre-foreclosure. The main advantage is that it helps you avoid foreclosure. When you lose your home to foreclosure, it has a devastating impact on your credit score for up to seven years! Selling in pre-foreclosure helps to protect your credit score and improves your ability to get a loan in the future (for a house, car or otherwise).

Another reason to sell in pre-foreclosure is to avoid a “deficiency judgment” – a/k/a the difference between the sales price and the amount you owed. So, in addition to the foreclosure ruining your credit, you might get stuck taking on additional debt.

You’re Not Alone!

If you have questions, or would like to get a “cash contract” offer on your home, call or email us for a confidential review. Just remember your problem is solvable, but you cannot wait until the last minute to start building a team to help you.


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