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Investor Deals

Texas Investment Property Deals

If you’re looking for long term Texas Residential Investment Properties, we have package you might be interested in taking a look at for your portfolio.

Both properties are located in Texas, more specifically, Plano and Lancaster Texas.

These are discounted  investment properties that are being offered at below retail value in neighborhoods where the rents are high and the inventories are low.

Plano is located 15 miles north of Dallas and Lancaster is located 15 miles south of Dallas.
Both properties are rented for 1200 a month. Rents have not been raised in four years on either property. These properties are being sold AS-IS.

Both properties need some foundation work, updating, and new roofs.

Rents in Plano for equivalent updated properties are renting in the range of $1600-$2000 a month.

In Lancaster, equivalent updated properties are renting in the range of 1350-1500 a month.


Market Values:

Plano property

Click To View Pictures Of Plano Property

  • 3/2/2 1744 sq ft
  • Current rent: 1200
  • Potential rent: 1500-1900
  • ARV( After repair Value) $250,000 plus a little

Lancaster property

The First Sixteen Pictures Are Of Lancaster And The Remaining Pictures Are Plano

  • 3/2/2
  • Current rent: 1200
  • Potential rent: 1350-1500
  • ARV (After Repair Value) $155,000 plus a little


$195,000 for the Plano property

$120,000 for the Lancaster property

Total: $315,000. Buyer pays closing cost, no agent commissions.

Agents: You may contact us if you have a verified potential client.

If you would like more information, email me in the box below, and I will send you a link with pictures and instructions for making an offer. You will have to submit your offer on a Texas Real Estate contract.

If you don’t have a Texas Real Estate contract, we will send one to you and or help you complete the contract electronically.

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