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Before I share our company story and how we can help you, let me introduce myself.

My name is Don Edwards, and I started FHB’s for smart, busy people who have no intention of depending on social security, the federal government, or their employer to ensure their financial future. Most of our readers and visitors own real estate. If you are the type of person who approaches life with a can-do attitude and a great deal of curiosity, then please add your name to our email list for information about residential real estate investing and things you should know to protect yourself and your assets.


Entrepreneur & Advisor

I have served our great country in two branches of the military, in the Air Force as an enlisted airman and the Army as an Officer. After my military service, I worked for American Express, Fidelity Investments, and AmeriCap Financial services as a financial advisor, where I helped hundreds of people just like you make important money decisions with stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and options. Now for the past 15 years, I have continued to help people make important money decisions with real estate, and I’m confident I can help you make a profitable decision with any real estate problems you may have questions about.
My company’s primary mission is to help relieve homeowners, investors, and heirs of problem properties. Period! “We exist to solve your real estate problems.” In most cases, it means giving you a “cash contract” offer for your property in its AS-IS condition, but sometimes it just means connecting you to our resources to help you solve an immediate problem. Either way, we’re happy to be here as an option for you.


Our business goal is to help you achieve “A BETTER LIFE,” by giving you a “cash contract” for your house,— think about this for a moment. We could just offer to pay you cash for your home, and that’s fine if that’s all you need or want, we do that every week, but it’s never enough for us.

Every house was once a home, with a family who was proud to own it, filled with fresh memories of children and family gatherings. No doubt, they had some good times and bad times, but it was still their home.

Maybe this is you now.

Kind Regards,
Don Edwards

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