Cash Referral Program

Earn Extra Income With Our House Referral Program

Today! We Buy Homes For Cash And We Will Pay You To Help Us!

House Referral Program Benefits:

  • You Get Paid To Send Us Ugly House Information
  • No Limit On The Number Of Referrals
  • You Get Paid Fast With Certified Funds
  • Refer Family, Friends, Neighbors or Strangers

How Does It Work?

When we buy a house that you’ve referred to us you’re paid cash the same day as the owner. That’s it.

Refer a house and give us the address, owner/s name, and telephone # and You get $600.00

Refer a house and give us the address and owner/s name and You get $400.00

Refer a house and give us the address and You get $250.00

Get started Now! Fill out the form beginning with your name and email information and in the address box put the property you are referring to us. Next, in the comment section put as much information about your referral as you can; name, telephone, and email if you have it.

Lastly, type the word “yes” or “no” if we can use your name as a referral when we contact the property owner.

How We Track Referrals

When you enter the house information on our site we will send you an email certificate to confirm your referral with a special tracking id

Once you confirm we will send you a thank you email and track your referral for six months. If you’ve provided contact information, we will follow up immediately with a phone call or email to your referral.

If we have to find the contact information, the process takes a little longer. We will start by sending your referral a letter introducing ourselves, but never mentioning you unless we have your permission. We will attempt to contact your referral three times before we drop them out of our system. Don’t worry,  you get credit for the contact referral up to six months from the date that you sent us the referral.

Once contact is made we will make a cash offer to your referral, if they accept, we all make money. It’s that simple

Complete Our Form Now And Send Your First Referral!


We’ll do the rest. Don’t Wait.

Remember, We Buy Homes For Cash!

Kind Regards


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